‘Angel’, ‘Devil’ is also a concept.

Palenque des pendus comes from many sources. ‘Strange Fruit’ by Billie Holiday, palenque songs, pictures of bullfighting – I never saw an actual bullfight and have no intention to go to see one during this life – inspired some of the movements that were expressed in black, red, blue, white. Slavery, inequality, discrimination (in the exclusiveContinue reading “‘Angel’, ‘Devil’ is also a concept.”

Dressed-up hearts (too many)

This painting comes from a poem, a few words about emotions and remedies I can’t remember now, and some human landscapes lost in mind. Here goes the poem: O que nós vemos das cousas são as cousas What we see of things are the things. Why would we see one thing when another thing isContinue reading “Dressed-up hearts (too many)”